Сальса New style

Сальса New style

Глоток свежего воздуха в направлении сальса, привычный ритм и знакомые всем шаги в новом стилистическом направлении. Это современная сальса, ломающая шаблоны и все больше набирающая популярность в Европе. В Москве эксклюзивно только в Касабланке!

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Большинство учителей в нашей школе - иностранцы - носители культур,готовые без искажений научить вас разговаривать на языке тела
Jorge Maryano



Samba Gafieira

Жоржи Мариано начал танцевальный путь в Копакабане (Рио-де-Жанейро) с 2000 г. Учился у известных на весь мир преподавателей по Бразильскому Зуку - Adilio Porto и Leonardo Neves. 
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Jorge Maryano
Пн, 16 September
Вт, 17 September
Ср, 18 September
Чт, 19 September
Пт, 20 September
Сб, 21 September
Вс, 22 September
21:00, (55 Minutes)
Жоржи Марьяно

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After a few months of classes you will be able to participate
in the filming of dance videos and reporting concerts
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Dance School Casablanca is located in the heart of Moscow

Engage in spacious ventilated rooms with professional sound panoramic views of the capital. st. Nikolskaya, 25 8 800 555 35 35 kasablanka@gmail.com
6 spacious rooms with modern audio equipment
The studio has a cozy lounge area and its own cafe with a fitness menu.
At your disposal are locker rooms with personal lockers and showers.
The studio has a cozy lounge area and its own cafe with a fitness menu.
6 spacious rooms with modern audio equipment
Halls are equipped with exhaust ventilation systems.

Subscriptions and prices

We tried to provide tariffs for each
* Only for new customers who have not previously owned any type of subscription in Casablanca. It is possible to purchase only 1 drug per 1 person. As part of the TEST DRIVE card, a client can attend any Standard category classes without being tied to a specific direction. Exclusive classes are not included in the rate. Tariff does not add up with other promotions and offers.

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